Monday, May 28, 2012

Foreign Manners

After years of pissing about, I finally got round to doing my half of an old art trade with my rad art bro Alex
I like doing this trade theme of what our characters would do if they met up. I love food (Cha owns), and I loved how they ate in Fantastic Mr Fox, so a fun ref back to that  :]
 And here is a process of this pic (hit this link if you want a larger size to read the text)

Thanks to ATA, Beck, and Alex for their crit during this pic!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Finally finished a new piece I've been working up since March :U
Here we have a young Ascari sitting on the back of a MTM when he was in the military. He hated riding them as he felt pretty vulnerable on them.
Was inspired a while back to have a go at my own Big Dog robot design after seeing a bunch online, but thought it would make a useful multi terrain machine for transporting troops and tons of extra gear. Thought having six legs would be more stable, as it will always have three points of contact when traversing, and adjusts each leg independently to keep the ride flat for the riders. At the end of each leg is a multi grabber ball foot with a surface coating like a gecko/badzooks for the ultimate gripping ability.
Chur you fullas at work who helped me during this pic!

Might paint up the mid ground fullas in the daytime setting.

Was also asked to do this convention book cover, so kept it simple so it could be done quickly :V