Monday, October 18, 2010

White Cloud Worlds

Letting the few know on this blog that this book is coming out on the 1st of November filled to the brim (if a book has those) of rad NZ art!
Here is the cover of it so you know what it looks like when you walk into a book shop, or on the interwebs. 

I was lucky enough to be invited at the final min to join this sweet project set up by Paul Tobin and Kate Jorgensen with other titans of art who live on a fish and a canoe. I only have three pieces in there, but bloody stoked to be a part of this as it contains artist I respect a whole bunch.
For all the info on the exhibition that will follow it and a chance to get some of us to scribble our names into it for you, check out this site for those details 
And to get one of the limited boxed version with print head over to the Weta Shop to reserve your copy. 

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