Thursday, October 28, 2010

Saw drifto

I was hella stoked when Paul asked me to add some art to the white cloud worlds book, and when I saw the three pieces he chose, I thought I would do something new for it. I had already started on this piece a month before, so I thought I would finish it off for it.
ATA helped me find a better composition so shout outs to him, and skull 4 a face for the stars!
The v-twin circular saw is a silly idea that wouldn't work, so to make it more ridiculous I would let have a go at the rad sport of drifting!
This was a fun piece to do as I got to draw tons of sparks and that cat with a cell phone lighting the way in his mouth, and a FD chasing hard :]
I added a blurry bung thing below the corner sign that isn't in the book version. I thought I would add this creature wandering in the background in future illustrations with these characters as it is what it does.
There was another vehicle I wanted to put in the pic, but thought it would have an unfair power advantage and look too BA.
so this got shopped in instead :U


  1. That looks like the mini that can't be beat on the Strathmore downhill!
    Rad rad rad piece bro, so best!

  2. I saw this in the book along with 'pulled over' and 'victorian Stu C.R' I love it and your other stuff too